demo sofa handler U210 side

Sofa handler demo: Leading manufacturer visited us.

Last week, one of the UK´s leading sofa manufacturers – with a production figures of more than 4.000 sofas/week – visited Lifmec´s premises. The aim of the visit was to attend to a demonstration of the use of our U210 sofa handler to be held in a local upholstery workshop.

The demo started with the presentation of the U210 sofa handler, its parts and components, and its technical specifications (see LIFMEC product sheets). After that, the use of the handheld remote control and the available movements were shown, with no sofa over the machine.

The main part of the day was the demo carried out by an upholsterer, who he upholstered and packaged a sofa with the aid of the U210 sofa handler. UK sofa manufacturer people were able to see for themselves the potential benefits in terms of process improvement – reduction of times, avoiding bottlenecks – and operative’s health. One feature that stood out particularly was the simplicity of the sofa handler, so the design as the ease of use.

demo sofa handler U210 underside

During all day, LIFMEC´s Managing Director – Rafael Sierra – and LIFMEC´s Head of Engineering – Efrén Vigil – were available to answer all questions and doubts related to subjects as performance, safety or maintenance, among others.

The local upholstery workshop is available for demonstrations of our sofa handlers. If you may be interested in a demo, please contact our Sales Department ( for further details.