Lifmec is specialized in the design and manufacturing of innovative handling machinery. Our machines aim is to improve process efficiency and ergonomic conditions, assisting workers in tasks that involve handling and working with heavy loads.

Our current portfolio of products comprises the following three sofa handlers – U110, U210 and U310 – for the assistance of workers in the upholstery stage of the sofa manufacturing process.

Sofa Handler U110

sofa handler U110

Sofa Handler U210

sofa handler U210

Sofa Handler U310

sofa handler U310

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All these machines are able to lift, to position, and to turn the sofa.

sofa handler positions

The lifting operation in handlers U210 and U310 is electric, through a hand-held industrial control, while in handler U110 is manual. The turning operation is electric in all of these machines, through the remote control. Besides, handler U310 can also rotate the arm to turn the sofa.

remote control side
remote control front
remote control up

The “arms” of the machine, that hold the sofa framework, are designed to work with a great variety of sofa models. Besides, the clamping device could be easily customized to client special needs.

handler U210 arm back
handler U210 arm side
handler U210 arm front

All our Machines have the “CE” certificate of conformity according to the terms of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.


Reduction of process times (- 30%)

Enhance planning and monitoring

Elimination of manual handling

Less potential damages in the sofa

No tiring and painful positions

No specific requirements for the job