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What we do

Lifmec is specialized in the design and manufacturing of innovative handling machinery.

Our portfolio of products brings innovation and technology for the assistance of workers in industrial process tasks that involve handling of heavy loads.

Our own-designed handlers would allow your company to significantly reduce the process time, to implement a better planning and control of production, and to increase your worker´s health and safety.

The first application of our technology is for upholstery stage in sofa manufacturing industry. When using Lifmec´s sofa handlers in upholstery operation all actual problems of the process can be solved.

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Get to know our machines

Our machines portfolio comprises a range of innovative sofa handlers for upholstery.

Our current portfolio of products comprises the following three sofa handlers – U110, U210 and U310 – for the assistance of workers in the upholstery stage of the sofa manufacturing process.

These handlers are able to lift, to position, and to turn the sofa, through a handheld industrial control. All our Machines have the “CE” certificate of conformity according to the terms of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

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