Lifmec is specialized in the design and manufacturing of innovative handling machinery.

Our company is a specialist in the design, development, manufacturing and commercialization of innovative handling machinery. Our first application is for the handling of the sofa in the upholstery stage.

Not only we would like to improve the process efficiency (e.g. reducing times, improve planning, avoid bottlenecks), but also, we are committed with worker´s health and well-being. Our machines allow the workers to avoid exposure to manual handling operations, and tiring and painful positions.

Our aim is to bring technology and innovation to industrial processes that still involve manual handling and operations with heavy loads.

Lifmec is a spin-off from Intelmec:

Intelmec business area is the supply of tailor-made machinery. The supply comprises design, engineering, manufacturing, delivery, installation, commissioning and customer service focused on special machines for all kinds of industrial processes.

From its foundation in 2006, Intelmec keeps following the concepts of saving, quality and security that underlie in all of its developments.

The main difference between Intelmec and other companies is its capacity to face the challenge of undertaking totally new projects.

LIFMEC headquarters front
LIFMEC workshop
office and team
LIFMEC headquarters side