innovative sofa handlers

Innovative sofa handlers. What are the benefits?

Our innovative sofa handlers have been designed for sofas manufacturers to significantly improve the stage of upholstery.

Each of the main stages that constitute the sofa manufacturing process involves some kind of production machinery. Thus, in relation to frameworks, machinery from classical woodworking sector is used. And in the case of fabrics and furs, we have sophisticated machinery from the textile sector. However, if we analyze the process of upholstering, we discover that this step continues to be completely handmade.

The problems and negative consequences are obvious:

  • Process inefficiency
  • Complex planning and monitoring
  • Some damages in the sofa
  • Potential bottlenecks
  • Manipulation of heavy loads
  • Exposure to tiring and painful positions
  • Specific requirements (age, gender, strength)
  • Bad conditions for worker´s health

With our machines, sofas manufacturers would get the following benefits:

  • Upholstery stage optimization
  • Enhance planning and monitoring
  • No damages in the sofa
  • Avoid process bottlenecks
  • Elimination of manual handling
  • No tiring and painful positions
  • No specific requirements for the job
  • Comply worker´s health legislation

The improvement of all these factors would allow the manufacturers to carry out a full redesign to bring a relevant evolution in the upholstery process and, therefore, the optimization of all the supply chain in sofa manufacturing.